Dina Perry, Founder

Dina was recently named "Groomer of the Century" by the professional pet grooming industry.

She founded the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology, in Lansing.

Dina is active in the pet industry as a grooming competitor, judge and speaker at contests all over the country.
In 1994 and 1995, Dina was the coordinator for Groom Team USA and has never missed a European competition
as coordinator, competitor or supporter. She has placed in domestic and international competitions.

Today, Dina takes part in design, business consulting, and trade shows with Wag’n Tails.

Pets Name: Her Border Collie, Hunter

“Grooming is my career. It's my life's ambition to make our trade one with respect and profitability." - Dina Perry


Dennis Gnetz, President

Dina's son, Dennis, spent many years in the pet grooming industry, operating the family's pet dryer company
through his college years to help finance his education. Dennis graduated with a marketing degree from
Michigan State University.

After college, Dennis worked for a Fortune 500 corporation, consulting to small businesses.

His marketing background is invaluable in helping many Wag’n Tails’ customers hit the ground running with
their mobile grooming businesses.

Today, Dennis is in charge of sales and marketing at Wag’n Tails.

Pets Names: His Felines, Star, Loki, and Sheila


Charles Perry, Vice President

Charles “Chuck” Perry is Wag'n Tails vice president and CFO, or as he describes it,
"I'm the husband of the founder and father of the owner."

In addition to his involvement in the pet industry as a pet shop and kennel owner,
Chuck spent 20 years at a Fortune 500 company, working with small business owners throughout the United States.

When the decision was made to open our manufacturing plant, and when we opened our new facility,
Chuck headed up the projects.

You will also see Chuck at major trade shows around the country.

Pets Name: His Border Collie, Hunter


Terry Ferm, Production Manager

As Wag'n Tails' plant manager, Terry oversees the daily activities of production as well as research and development.

To provide the best mobile unit in the grooming industry, he is actively involved with the engineering of these vehicles.
He is responsible for purchasing, cost analysis, production hiring, and facility maintenance, in addition to providing
back-up customer service and orientations.

Terry has overseen the production of more than 15,000 van conversions, as a manager for 20 of his almost 30 years
in related manufacturing fields.

Pets Name: His Goldfish, Gordon


Jamie Hahn, Customer Care Manager

Jamie is Wag’n Tails customer care manager, and has been part of the family since 2000, spending his first four years
as production supervisor.

Jamie brings more than 25 years of experience in the recreational vehicle and van conversion industry. His primary
responsibilities include customer service and parts, troubleshooting, and vehicle orientation.

Pets Names: His Schnauzers, Budy and Sheist


Jason Overhulser, Creative Services Manager

Jason joined us in 2002, after spending several years in the vehicle graphics business. He brings experience in both
computers and design and is a great asset to the Wag’n Tails’ customers with whom he works.

Jason can help customer design an individual look to their mobile grooming vans. He also provides them the files
to use in creating brochures and other branded items.

His experience in vehicle graphics is a great help, both in initial production and continued support.

Pets Names: His Jack Russell Terrier and Husky, Sassy and Wiley


John Stockman, Sales Manager

John joined our family in October of 2006. He brings many years of experience in the auto and RV industry.

He received a Bachelor’s degree and Master degree in Business Administration from Indiana University.

Pets Names: His two mix-breeds, Shadow and Moochie.


Jenny Robertson, Office Manager

Jenny ’s pleasant voice will be the first you hear when calling Wag’n Tails. Her duties also literature fulfillment, mailings,
and package tracking, supply maintenance, filing, and data entry.